God, Give This To Me, Instead!

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

"Mommy, mommy, why does this hurt so much?
you've been my channel of life, can't you take this pain from me?
My fear of future unknown is very great."
All i can do is turn my head and cry,
"don't let her see your tears", i tell myself,
for her request i give to God, if only he'd open His ear.

I'd take your suffering in it's fullest, oh yes i surely would...
put my sins on my shoulders, give her a chance to live.
Agonizing moans from all that's within, bellowing
"My life is over, her's has not begun...!"
My soul screams to our Maker, "Oh please, God, make this my last request..."

I turn to her at a loss for words, trying to hide swollen and tearful eyes,
silently my thoughts speak to me, searching for a useful word,
"hold on, my reason for living, for mommy would take it, if she could.
You brighten my life with love and laughter , God said He'll take care of you"

Words are too hard to bear, my voice would break, crack and shiver for sure,
I lay her head on my chest, her rightful domain from the day of birth,
the sounds of silence pierce my head, "God, give this to me, instead".

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