I Got a New Dance

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

There once was a mom who wanted to prance,
so she jocked her daughter's dance.
While hopping around
just like a clown,
boom! it happened without even a chance.

Rewriting a scene from the "Golden Girls",
when boom! it happened in a swirl:
mom created a new dance
called "when butt cheek slaps thigh"
that's okay, she took her chance.

From under a blanket so near,
laughter echoed to her ears,
as her child giggled and roared,
screaming "Mom! please, no more!"

Through tunnels of degradation,
her fame travelled fast,
but no one shared her elation.
"That's okay 'cause you I won't cast,
as a guest of my creation"

For an instant, mom was a star.
Realizing her age,
she left the stage,
"I'll soon be back,
don't go very far"

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