Little Marlow’s Lullaby (The cycle of domestic violence continues.)

a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Hush now, Marlow,
please don’t cry.
I will sing you
a lullaby.

God, where are you
when I need you?
Marlow, if you follow
I will lead you.

I have failed you,
please don’t leave me.
I love you,
please believe me.

You can leave him—
run away.
I remember…
we used to play.

When it seems like
no one cares,
remember always
I am there.

Please don’t let this
guy enslave you.
If you help me,
I can save you.

Where’s our mother?
We have no dad.
Each other
is all we have.

We’ll be best friends
for forever.
Please trust me,
things get better.

Little Marlow,
Sissy’s here.
We’ll save your babies
from future tears.

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