a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

If an angel from heaven
came down to ask why
I love you though
you make me cry
I would honestly
“I love him enough
to lay down my life.”

If the angel
should repeat the question,
I would offer
this suggestion,
“Find a close
and true companion.
Now, imagine your life
if theirs would end.”

“For me,
no life, or death, or in between.
Try to feel now
what I mean.
A truer love
will never be seen
than what I feel
for the one I need.”

If the question
is again repeated,
I would say,
“Would you feel cheated
if Sorrow took your heart
and diseased it
because Misery stole
the one you needed?”

“Without him,
only sorrow,
ruined todays,
destroyed tomorrows.
No reason for hope—
end to Life’s pleasure.
Having him near me—
the greatest of treasures.”

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