How You Left.

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I Remember,
sitting on the backstairs
eating corn-on- the- cob
butter melting as liquid gold,
sap bursting out like sparkles
of fireworks on Old Years night.

I remember,
listening to the soft voices
of the grown-ups
in the darkened bedroom
rumbling on like the water of
Niagara Falls,
or the booming of thunder
on an angry summer afternoon.

I remember,
packing my favourite dress,
the one you made me
from the cloth we had chosen together
that last Saturday in March,
the one with a sunburst of flowers
that always attracted the honeybees
and made gloomy days bright.

I remember,
that you kissed me goodbye
that day at the station,
with a face wet and wrinkled
as a used paper handkerchief.

I remember also,
that I never saw you again.

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