Dracula Will Dine Tonight

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Eyes are wide open to welcome darkness,
why do I feel this deleterious weakness?
the day has left me wheezy and gasping,
night is now the time when I start living

Quietly I lie here and I listen intently
the noises in the distance echo mildly,
I do not move, seem unable to breathe
my desperate questions flash incessantly
accusing me across a room-wide silver screen

In green, purple, aquamarine,
sometimes with a blood red gleam
who am I, what does this mean
is there a connection to my dreams?

The church bells are now loudly ringing
my blood begins sweetly to singing
It drums with insistence against my ears
awakening deeply buried primordial fears
waiting with me the coming feast of hell

I hear the footsteps in the hall
wildly my heart begins to call
his breathing rises to equal mine
he knows that he will shortly dine
I feel the touch that makes me crawl

I am quite ready when he comes
the longed- for dish is already spread
I lie motionless on my restless bed
the stiffness of my muscles belie
the screaming curses heard in my head
welcome home, king of the dead.

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