The Road Goes on Forever.

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

My house is crying bitter tears,
while pain rises in waves
that grow higher and higher.
Her feet are without an anchor
as the Earth shifts and moans.

I knock on the walls where
the woodworm has staked his claim
relentlessly digging pathways
to eternal damnation.
My fingers pierce her insides
and gather only useless dust,
remains of an icy spring illusion.

I will demolish this monster,
vanquish him like magic smoke
blow him to kingdom come
and if I knew how, I would save you
from yourself.

Once I could breathe for you.
We sang sweet duets together
needing only a glance
for thoughts to become reality
but these chains no longer suffices
and the small bird flies out.
Your mistakes must be made and paid for
with coin of the realm
minted from your own reserves.
The regent no more reigns, her crown
Is laid to rest, the keys rusted.
Growing up can be
a long and lonely happening.

Dedicated to my Son, may he find his way.

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