And This is a Special Time.

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The evening has said goodbye to the sun,
though her blush still colours the horizon.
Birds as dirty smudges of charcoal
are slowly winging their way home.

Out of the mountains come the call
of the lonely heart thinking it’s free,
It cuts like a knife the Elderberry tree,
where the snow owl blinks blindly
a soft query!

wafting on the breeze the delicious smell
of peppers and freshly baked evening bread
the cry of the child waiting to be fed
or saying a prayer before going to bed

listen to the moaning of the Whip o the Will
a ghostly calling rising out of the dark
adding to the mournfulness of the tune
all of this lighted by the sighs of the moon

you reach for me in the darkness
of the porch
tonight we will tightly close all the doors
imagine ourselves to be people of dreams
forget the pain and the hunger screams
for now you are the king and I am your queen.

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