Taste the Sweetness.

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

When Night hid her face with a hundred sparklers
the moon spoke to her roughly in reprimand.
The clouds grew big and fat with hidden laughter
and night threatened to visit a cowardly Day

It was a wondrous thing this war of worlds,
somewhere far from us, in places unknown
should we bother with this chaotic scene?
only if like me you love pistachio ice cream!

The day before was sunny and burning warm
when hark! I heard the welcoming chimes
and from inside my pocket called George out to me
you’ve got enough for one, two or yes even three!

There I stood squarely in the middle of the road
Pietro showed me proudly the mouth-watering load
without hesitation I began greedily to eat, and was
my first choice as always pistachio ice cream!

Now I stand here confused in this maddening scene
where the moon and the stars show a weird colour green
holding my stomach and promising me
never again shall I eat pistachio ice cream.

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