Wait,.. Love will Come.

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Let my words sing to you
spreading sunshine and light,
let them glow like a beacon on a
cold winter’s night,
let them sing you to sleep
when you are lonely and
Feeling forgotten.
Let my words be a comfort
when the world seems to hurt you,
just reject and despise you,
In spite of all the good things you do.

Know that somewhere out there,
there is some one special
and that some one, sweet heart,
is thinking of you.
He is burning with love
And he is keeping this love safe
for you.
He’ll accept who you are
understanding all the things
that you do,
Believe me when I say,
He will find you one day
by following
the high way of love.

Then you’ll dance in the warmth
of this sweetest embrace,
your sorrows will melt,
will fade clean away into space
like a dream in the day time
leaving no memory of pain.
You will bask in the feeling
of this special love,
that is written deeply in stone
by the warm fire of stars,
and is waiting there only for you.

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