a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

I have a photograph on my bedroom wall,
it`s a picture of my two children, that`s all.
I look at that picture every night and pray,
for God to keep them safe every day.

Those children now are not kids any more,
the years are passing quicker than before.
It`s been hard at times to keep in touch,
I hope they realize they are loved so much.

For too many years I was a weekend dad,
it was not ideal, but it was all I had.
To see their smiley faces on a Friday night,
would suddenly make everything seem all right.

I don`t see them as much as I should,
but they have their own lives it`s understood.
I love my children more than they could know,
and part of me is with them, wherever they go.

I`m proud to still see them after all this time,
i`m proud to know those children of mine.
At night I look at the picture on the wall,
I say out loud "Goodnight kids" that`s all.

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