From The Mouth Of A Deaf Man

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Glowing eyes burned with passion,
he stopped me in the aisle in respectful fashion.
An eager burst of excited glorious hue,
came knowledge that his aged hands already knew.

"I am but one of ten", he said, "my mother
never bought from stores, too much of a bother!"
He spoke of life, talked on and on, no not a bore,
standing in peoples' way, right there in the store.

The conversation soon met it's final round,
and awed I was when he his head did bow.
His prayer I could not understand,
but was touched by the heart of this old man.

I turned and walked away from him,
fighting tears that made my eyes so dim,
though not a thing this man could hear,
he knew the voice of God, very loud and clear.

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