a poem by Ibitomilade O. Akinyanmi, USA

Since she knew I was on my way
My world has not been the same
her heart right above my little head
thumped so hard, I couldn’t sleep
she was restless and so was I
she wouldn’t eat
I was confused

I longed to know why she cried
For the knowledge of me should give her joy
as I pondered within my little mind
I saw it enter her womb to probe
The harbinger of my death to me unknown
my life was ending before it had begun;

I reached out to touch what my little world invades
this hand the monster clenched with its biting jaws
without mercy it tugged and tore my hand away
recoiling in pain, Mother save me! I yelled
but it seemed she couldn’t hear my voice
For I saw the monster come at me again

With all my might to mother I clung
tugging at her womb with my remaining hand
Save me! save me! Was my resounding cries
But like a joke the monster caught a leg
and I closed my eyes to shut the sight away
as my leg and body came apart

Mother sobbed her body racking with pain
As I was from her being torn away
spare us this torment
I wailed, I screamed
yet make them stop she wouldn’t do;
and little by little I was dismembered,
My heart’s drink of blood
drained from her like a flood

When a lung the beast swallowed up
My last ounce of strength I summoned forth
Mother! save my life
with desperation I cried
but still…..
I saw the beast come again
then the spirit I let to go

With much terror my spirit took its flight
shielding itself in the roving waves of blood
even then my killer wouldn’t stop
until it held the last of me in its jaws
mother never did hear my voice
neither will she ever behold my face
I return back to my maker unknown to the world
my dreams...
I never will fulfil

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