Torment In Slumberland, A Surrealist's Dream

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

My voice breaks the eerie silence,
"Hello? lo? lo?", an echo speaks back at me,
Where does this creepy tunnel lead?
One step is all it takes to make me wince,
in fear. I've the feeling I'm not alone.

Solid concrete beneath my feet,
I'm lost in a fury of sunrays, now.
Swirling and menacing, makes me feel weak.
Through squinting eyes I see Navaho,
"Where'd you come from? But, how...?"

Whispered words, soft and low, still
in that tunnel-like voice, "What is that...?"
I strain to see a contraption too weird to ...
A shriek breaks my eye-grasp,
as an Eagle flies overhead, eating brill.

Breath is heavy, eyes too afraid to look,
and see what lurks ahead of me.
I've seen this before, maybe in a book?
"Consciousness, oh please oh please,
bring me out of limbo-state and set me free!!!"

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