a poem by Bolaji Solau Ramos, Nigeria

A tormented heart that bursts into pieces
Will surely see till eternity no peace
An agitated mind minds to always see sea
For every piece of peace's seen in cool sea
...that is why my sun fades so soon
...that is why my star melts with moon
...that is why my mind minds mild care
For many a man's mind my hands tear
Which in dreams and thoughts i do fear

Though becoming unseen to many eyes
In dreams and days and thoughts i see eyes
Eyes of my brutalized victims that rise

Then i sight two overmuch man's creature
Trembling terribly with me in their midst
Singing songs of sorrowful sorrow to hurt
With a pool of bloody blood in the windows
...that is why my eyes eye hot tears
...that is why my mouth mouths cries
...that is why my nose watch nose mucous
All to take me deep in the hands of endless pains

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