a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I remember when we spoke of it
death was close by that day,
As if to emphasize his presence
the clouds played ad infinitum
Beethoven’s fifth,
turning my heartbreak
Into an insignificant footnote

Smiling you promised to come visit
before you finally disappeared forever
Into the chasms of eternity

You had fallen from the concrete stairs
made slippery by the rain
and I, heavy with child
cursing and struggling
with the all encumbering mud
dragged your unresisting body
out of the rain and under the
garden hose.
Feeling magnanimous,
you were all sweetness, promising to stop,
There was nothing for dinner.

I listened as I always did
to your wild ramblings
nodding yes, yes, yes,
pampering the lost child
In you,
Weeping, for the wasted man!

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