a poem by Natalia K. Wenzlick, New Zealand

I crawl into bed,
All alone bar my bear,
I hold him to my chest,
I wish you were here,
I drift off to sleep,
Through my shivers and shakes,
Think of you while I dream,
Nightmare of mistakes,
Startled awake,
By a nightmare so true,
Reach across the bed,
To find there’s really no you,
I hug my teddy,
The night so cold and alone,
Just as my heart,
The night's turning to stone,
Only one thing can save it,
Save the night and my heart,
But we have decided,
‘It would be best’ to part,
So I snuggle down in bed,
All alone bar my bear,
And as every night till forever,
I wish you were here.

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