a poem by Geoff G. Turner, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

I met a girl, whom I thought the world of,
She was so smart and sweet and I nearly fell in love
On the first date, we drank and we talked some,
We parted as friends, but with a hint of more to come.

Then I met her at work, I gave her a flower,
We had lunch in the sun, talked for an hour.
On the train ride home, I wrote beautiful poetry
I thought this time, I’d be making history.

I met her a third time, went to her place for a bite
We wined and we talked until way past midnight,
But on the way back, I heard those words again
“I’ve met someone else, but I want us to be friends“.

So what do you say, when your world collapses?
I had a cardiac arrest, then my mind suffered paralysis.
Get me to emergency and hook up the shock cart!
Funny how they still want to be friends, after they’ve torn out your heart

I wouldn’t have minded, had she told me the whole truth,
I knew she was seeing others and I had the proof,
But she was obviously seeing this guy, before she had met me,
So I just became another love lost casualty.

Now I wish I could take back all the things that I had said.
I had opened up my heart, emptied out the feelings in my head.
I shared with her secrets, and plans that I had made,
I can’t help feel anything else but betrayed.

She had dismissed me with a casual remark,
Didn’t even bother to pull over and stop the car,
And when I waved goodbye, she didn’t even see me.
I just watched her drive off into ancient history.
So now what becomes of the broken hearted?
Just when you thought something beautiful had started.
Pass me the scotch, whilst I dispose of Cupid’s love dart
I hate it when they want to be friends, after they’ve torn out your heart

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