a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Come with me to the place
where the soft green grass
and gentle rain
makes life grow
In fire and flame
and love doth glow;
So come with me where flowering trees
send clouds of salving healing breeze

Walk with me on silver sands
tie ribbons in azure blue of skies
sink into emerald seas where bees
fly with the birds in clouds of dreams.

Shake out your hair of curls and cream
and follow strawberries to elves’ frosted lips
which kiss awake forgotten time
and rediscover dreams of hero’s songs
sung safe by campfire forever young
troubles are barred from holy ground

Come walk with me oh love of mine
hand in hand on silver sand
smile to the moon, eat green cheese;
Everything is possible
In this land of ease,
this fabulous land of fantasy

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