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Mountain program,
15 minutes and no more
I begin to grunt by the count of four
Eyes front don’t look around
All the sleek babes will make you
Puke and want to frown, rimples!
You wanted to take on the fight
Of the flab
So go!

t-wing shh-wing, walk it off
eyes ahead, trance, almost dead
20 minutes, stomach IN
heartbeat 140 Lord I confess, I confess
it’s the cake, that’s what done it
I’ll control my lusts
Not another crumb
62 or bust!

No! eyes from the mirror
That’s not you
She’s seventeen if a day
Slinky lines size 12
Weight perfect for height and age
What’s she doing here
Not an inch too much
On her!

Abs, dear Lord have mercy
you think I can do 3x 15?
get out of here, I’m dead
Full body workout, grunt, grunt, groan
give me, on a plate, the head
of the one, he who invented this
Sadistic game
I’ll let him feel the same pain
I feel, oh ooh
He’s as beautiful
As a Greek god
I reel..
Put 20 minutes more, easy!
On with the program!
Forget the sweat and pain!
I grit my teeth
And say my prayers, dear God,
Give me back my body
of younger years

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