My Friends

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

When first I saw Colombo
he was dancing on a chain
being an actors’ little help
for a banana and for fame

After long and deep consideration
Of my purse and of my home
I took Colombo to be my friend
so sailing the seas we roamed

The heavy rolling of the waves
daunted him not in the least
our way of life was something else
but that fazed him less each day

And when our ship did reach the land
It did me good to see
how the kids would flock around
to see our little sailing zoo

They saw our talking parrots blue
our dog and Helga the long eared hare
but the stars of our sailing menagerie
were our friends the monkeys two

Chin- chin she was a noble dame
and after a haughty bow to all
retired quickly from our view
leaving Colombo to take his due

Lightly he climbed into my neck
searching my hair for fleas
he cleaned his teeth with brush and paste
no water did he waste

And when the show was near its end
and he always seemed to know
he called Chin-chin to take her bow
though it always came to blows

Colombo he was a jealous star
the applause was his he knew
though Chin-chin his loving mate
he thought give fame where it was due!

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