a poem by Kofi Adu Domfeh, Ghana

See the clouds, too weak to speak!
Without whom our earth’s laughter ceases
Yet we strive unkindly with unfriendly kisses,
Knowing there is the abode of our hope, of joy

See the waters, too angry to produce!
Without whom our land’s worth dies
Yet offer steady greetings of chemical concoctions,
Knowing well it is an abomination to our living

See the forests, too gray to be green!
Without whom our native pastures are cursed
Yet we embrace it with utter disrespect,
Knowing it is our source of pride and survival

Look everywhere, nature laments continually,
Her sacred pride profaned by mass nurtured cruelty
Time to stop talking; time to start walking,
Enough about international integration

Let’s attend to persisting promises,
Let’s attend to neglected needs
It is time to proclaim attainable aims,
Aims based on environmental ethics

For how long will we secure survival?
Yesterday, renewable resources,
Today, global climatic change
Tomorrow, tactics of harmful help
Never is there sound solution
And incessantly we do pay prices,
Prices of now reasonable results...
If only we could act!

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