a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Why did it have to be me?
In the wrong place in time.
The terrorist attrocity,
Has taken this life of mine.

How will my wife and kids feel?
When they hear the dreadful news.
What those so called people have done,
In pursuit of God forsaken views.

I never gave a second thought,
That my life could end this way.
In a fleeting moment of madness,
my soul's been violentley taken away.

I've done nothing to them,
Why can't they understand?
I hadn't finished living my life,
And doing what I had planned.

To man, woman or child,
No mercy at all was shown.
The maliciousness of terror,
The seeds of hate have grown.

Why did it have to be me?
Why has fate been so unkind?
How could God allow them,
To savage this life of mine?

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