a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

In the velvet blackness, under the
Cow Tamarind,
the blue frog is sitting motionless;
Moisture plops to the humus soft ground
and fighter ants form
an implacable juggernaut,
“Time,” scraping away at the allotted
life span.

Above me, the clouds viciously
wring themselves empty,
lashing the tree tops,
gouging at the finger soft larvae
greedily eating themselves
to split sided redundancy,
away from their
chosen banquets.
Tiger Orchids shake in fright;
Black lightning glides past
leaking, moss covered tree trunks;
Unblinking amber pupils
miss nothing in infra-red light;
For the shadow-speckled deer
the time is now,
Eternity approaches.

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