a poem by Jayati Chowdhury, India

Eclipsed by impulsiveness,
Decision without deliberation.
The fragmented photo frames,
The broken vase and the wilted rose.
The hollow emptiness,
Reverberates, I am with you no more.

Twisted and ripped cushions,
Two empty cups on the table-
Cassette without cover,
Of Ronnie Milsap’s ‘there’s no getting over me’
The moan that escaped unnoticed.
You are alone without me!

Rain drops on the window panes,
Drizzle to downpour,
The frightening thunder!
I know you can sense-
A warm breath,
Close to your shoulder.

Walking down the aisle
All alone,
Passing by the lovers
In caressing whispers,
You remember, my love?
Those precious moments together.

The pain of separation-
Distressed mind.
The conflict of self esteem,
The differences we have,
Scorn at the promise of complete whole-
That we reared with care

The ode to you and me….
The cherished abode of love.
Hand in hand, let us walk together.
Revive the tender feeling,
We are made for each other.
But remember my love, it has to be now or never…..

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