a poem by Geoff G. Turner, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

My mind tonight is in a galaxy far, far away
Whilst I sit here watching the lights of the bay
Distracted slightly whilst Kiera is at play
At the end of yet another uninspiring day

I think I've read your notes three or four times
And now my head is attempting to concoct rhymes
Within these stanzas of four uneven lines
For I'm beginning to see some familiar signs

I know I mustn't get attached, at least not yet,
Because I haven't heard you speak, nor have we met,
But there's a telltale ache and some beads of sweat
Familiar signs - it's almost a sure bet

You selected me out of a thousand strong cast
You read my dossier - you know of some of my past
And I'm prepared to work hard, to make this thing last
But nothing's started yet and I need to go slow, not fast

For we've both been hurt, that much is true
And I know that I haven't been hurt as much as you
My injuries are mostly self-inflicted - that's what made me blue
And to hurt you again is something I don't want to do

We are both scared of what lies ahead
And there are so many doubts floating inside our heads
I'm sure we've both cried until our eyes are red
And have heard too many unkind words that have been said

But if I didn't like you, I wouldn't have come this far
To ask you out, to a coffee shop or a bar
I have a good feeling about you, and I love who you are
I want to get to know you - Hermit, nine and Mars

Because the Empress and Jupiter three has its needs
Tired of being lonely, forgotten and displeased
I'm brilliant at being miserable, and I'm tired of it indeed!
So here's my affirmation - I'll follow if you lead.

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