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Emmett, Lee
AustraliaPlease feel free to rate my poems. I'm a 67 y.o. woman, and was born in the wheatfields of the Wimmera, and married a dairy famer cum engineer from Gippsland (who died in 2006). We raised a son and a daughter (now adults) near Sherbrooke Forest, lived for a decade in Bayside, and have returned to the hills of the Dandenong Ranges. I've worked in teaching, management, writing and publishing. I love nature, science, music, literature and contributing to community and political life. Most of all, I enjoy a widening and deepening circle of friendships.6280324749342
Miller, Robert
USAMy name is Bob, I reside in Massachusetts(United States). I started writing about 30 years ago when I realized I enjoyed it more than the drawing and painting that I used to do. Expression is one of the most beautiful parts of life. My poetry is 80% Life Situations that everyone can relate to or has experienced at one point in their life. The other 20% often turn out to be odd pieces. Thanks for taking the time to enter my thoughts.17047562797565
Shaw, Westly
USAI was born and live in the west, and have been writing poems since I was four. I never talked much, and my mother showed me how too express my thoughts and feelings on paper. I found as I did so, my spelling,and grammer improved, as well as my self-confidence and typing skills. I believe that each of us are one of a kind, and special and can write poetry each in their own way. Each of us are different, not more so or less so, just different. I look forward to reading poetry by others, and your poems included! What I write about is not always about me, it can be about many other things. With writing poems or with writing, it can be true or created. Thank you for taking the time to read my poems! When asked what is my favorite poems I have written is? It is " Fishing " " Aunt Margret's Angel " " Thank You " " My Best Friend " " Tiger Bear " " The Spider" " The Farmer" "Snowflakes." My first poems,as there is something special about your very first poems.2243861773746
Terrell, Linda Bates
USAJoining VoicesNet is the best thing any creative poet can do to further their challenges in writing. I do enjoy writing children's, poems, stories and book. I have published two books; Alisa's New Life by Linda Bates, and Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients by Linda B Bates. It contains my prayer/poem 'I see...what I cannot see.' which is within my list of poems here on VoicesNet. My books presently are available on many online books store sites. I like to write from a childs point of view, though I am 61 now I still can see some things from a youthful mind in a most creative way. It makes it fun to write, as well as fun reading for all ages. Three of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley. Not all poems come from the heart some are created from sheer wisdom of ones inner soul.14211151487020
Ramayah, Jacinta
MalaysiaHaving reached the age of 62 when one is decidedly considered old and sedate - I don’t feel that way at all. I still play tricks on my children, I read, I play games on the Net and I dream big dreams. I would like to share with you my thoughts in poetry and would love to read yours too.
Crossland, Nancy
USAMy life has been filled with blessings and self discoveries. My first book has been published: "Within These Branches: Poetry of Life and Nature". Would never have dreamed it could happen. I am in process of another book of poetry and a novel. It is never too late! I have a wonderful family: 2 sons 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Poetry has always been a great interest to me since I was a teenager. I am so thankful for this website, where creativity abounds. I feel energized and passionate about writing and anticipate the unique poems I read. Poetry is forever around us in countless forms. I also enjoy various types of music and play the piano. I particularly enjoy the beauty and magic of nature.1322411273660
Thompson, Richard
CanadaRichard Thompson was born on May 31,1984. He was born in Jamaica and raised in St.Ann. He has been around Poetry his whole and continues to enjoy learning new Poetry. He values his family and the support they continue to give. He knows without Jah and family none of this is possible at all. Witting poetry is a true passion of his and comes from the heart. Being raised with strong Jamaican values he has learned not only to respect himself but those around him. He prays that Jah will help him take his writhing career by storm. His influences come from his personal experiences and his wonderful girlfriend, ranging on a verity of topics.902131043365
Prasad, Drsudarsan
IndiaIs a 68 year old scientist ,widely traveled across the world. Has understood that love is the treasure,for which every one craves ,but does not realize its value when they get it . I love children and struggle very hard to think like one.Has been writing poetry from teenage , but never bothered to publish it, Voicesnet has been a God sent, hope to exchange views and ideas with an extraordinary group of sensitive and talented poets. please also take a look at: http://drsudarsan.blogspot.com1862981133206
Ramachandran, Rajaram
IndiaRajaram Ramachandran,88 years old,is living in Juhu, Mumbai, India. He has been writing poems since 1965 and has written several poetry books (1) Ramayana (2) Krishna Leela, (3) Mahabharat, (4) The story of Nalan, (5) Sakuntala (6) The story of Harichandran (7) Adi Sankara (8) The Holy Bible, (9) Saint Bernadette (10) Silappadigaram or The Killer Anklet (11) Manimegalai (12) A Bouquet of Oriental Poems and (13) Meera, a Star is born, (14) Saint Thyagaraja (15) Gautama Buddha,(16) Swami vivekananda, (17) Mother Teresa,and (18)Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON), (19) Andal (20) Lava and Kusa, and (21)Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, (22) Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar (23) Ramana Maharishi, 24. Kanchi Maha Swami, 25. Sri Ramanuja. 26, The Mother, a Force of Action, 27. Shirdi Sai Baba. His Ramayana is very popular among the children and is commended by the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sahitya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and host of other poetry lovers. Please visit his web181911975256
Mathur, Nishu
IndiaHello everyone. I love writing poetry. Have been writing fairly regularly ever since I came across VN in July 2011. Hope you enjoy some of my work. Love to all. 122729972749
Shuwaswat, Pattra
NetherlandsLet me first introduce myself.... My name is Pattra Shuwaswat I'm a amateur writer of poetry also know as The Seekers.. I like to write and learn being part of the Voicesnet is intrigue me a learning experience.I write my poems without knowing about poetic structure or forms and all the other stuff that makes up a professional poem.I enjoy just letting the mind and pen do the work ,want to Grow as a poet feel free to Give honest feedback on my work it help improve my insparation and it give me a HUGE boost on a day .Thank you for the read by writting is bring out my sentiments it ignites my soul. Life is one big dare you can always keep striving. It brings the meaning of LIFE .Live every second like it was my last one... The roots of whole being decision you make that is cheerful by .. My Sincere ,The Seekers .. 8691601037696
Chew, Linda
USAHello, my name is Linda Chew and I live in Colorado. I've always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. Thanks to each of you, who have made it possible for others to share the joys of poetry. A special thanks to our readers.60317867019
Verma, Satish
IndiaPitted against the forces bigger than him Satish Verma has been fighting with life on his own terms. In this savage, violent and raging times, he has authored several collections of poetry in English and Hindi, in concrete and precise verses, analyzing the complex nature of man, history and ancient heritage of Homo sapiens. And standing at crossroads he is asking where do we go from here. His poetry communicates a beautiful, mystical mind exploring the images of nature, trying to find the meaning of the life and death, the ecstasy of talking to moon, flowers and wind in the kingdom of god. He wants to know cannot we live in peace? Satish Verma addresses the most complex questions of philosophy, religion and political culture in a very subtle but virtual shocking manner. As aptly said by Lao Tzu The one who speaks does not know The one who knows does not speak 5-Aii, Mayor Colony, Alwar Gate, Ajmer-305007 INDIA37191820326
Olesen, Elizabeth
DenmarkI come originally from the Philippines and have settled in Denmark with my Danish husband. I teach in a Danish school, teaching subjects like art, music, historý, religious studies and English. I write poetry and illustrate them with some drawings or paintings. I write poems when my heart is touched by some events and situations which call for common efforts for help and solidarity. I wish my poems to be a window to my Christian faith. If you want to see some of my paintings and poems, kindly visit my website: I HAVE DONE ILLUSTRATIONS TO SOME OF MY POEMS WITH DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS. Elizabeth 792144948395
Schechinger, Marcia
USAI am a 57 year old woman. I have two daughters, four grandchildren 11, 3, 2 and 1. My degree is in psychology and business. I work with handicap children and the elderly. I am a strong advocate for those who are handicapped because my beautiful grandson was born 11 years ago with cerebral palsy. I love writing and hope to find more time for it in the upcoming years. Email address: meschechinger@gmail.com34621778714
Sharma, Dr. ram
Rankin, Dwayne
USAI am 65 years old , retired and getting older by the day oh sigh :D :D :D 86476766898
O'Reilly, Susan
IrelandHi I just love writing poetry. I never know what's going to come out and often surprised by what I've written. Started writing in April last year at the age of 43 so a late bloomer. Big hello to everybody that drops by and hope you enjoy the read. all the best Cheers Susan x I have left over a disagreement that was never addressed. I don't mind having a disagreement but a decision made and no correspondence or discussion after queried is just rude. Apologies to all my good friends I've made but some of ye I am still contacting intermittently on facebook lol bye x10023732926
Dilley, Deanna
USADear fellow poets, my name is Deanna. At the age of 12 I took a creative writing class and have been writing ever since. I was born with Beal's Syndrome which is a very rare birth disorder. Basically in laymen's terms -- my joints are tight or contracted. I don't have full mobility of pretty much any part of my body due to the contractures. I am also legally blind in my left eye and have mild heart and hearing concerns as well. Though I am pretty high functioning (passed all Ohio 9th grade proficiency tests on 1st or 2nd try and passed both parts of English proficiency for 12th grade), I do have some developmental delays. Early 2000s, I began writing a poetry book for and about people with various disabilities. Most poems are fictional, but some are about myself or friends/co-workers that are disabled. You can find these poems under my collection Special Poetry for Special People. My other 2 collections, How Legends Are Born & Heroes Amongst Our Communities, contain tribute poems.44418723789
Stiles, Stacy
USAHello fellow friends and authors. I am a married, 36 year old mother of four beautiful daughters. My husband is Active Army and a Criminal Justice Major....So he's either an officer of the law or an officer in the Army... I like to think of myself as a very caring, thoughtful and kind individual. I'm Bipolar, but do not consider it as a curse rather than a gift. It has helped me express myself in ways that I don't think I could deem possible if not for the array of emotions I go through frequently. I'm a published poet and author, my first book "Bipolar Dreams...An Inside Look at the Creativity and Artistic Value of a Bipolar Mind" is due to hit the shelves sometime in August!! I'm very excited!! And I'm currently working on my second book, "Artistically Diseased"...I am also a substitute teacher and working on my masters degree (still not decisive on my major though). I'm hoping that my life experiences will help others to find their way in life and help provide a sense of worth and2680658495
Starks, John
USAI have written sonnets for a number of years. From time to time, I may share a sonnet with this community of readers and/or writers. Email address is: 144723653063
Gildea, Richard
UKMy interests are Reading, Writing, Art, Travel and Sport. God Bless, Aramis /|\630115719027
Palmer, William
Canada 8900598231
Khatri, Sumit
India 10571844
Smith, Marie
UKi have always been a lover of words. i had a bad chilhood and sought solace in books. i lost my husband xmas eve 1991. in 1995 i was found to have cancer they gave me a year but as you can see the man with the scythe can't run as fast as me. in 2002 i lost my only son, his spirit remains in his boy child. i have a beautiful talented daughter, who is an actress, writer and mother of three.although i have lost my loved ones i have been very lucky because they too gave me all their love. ilove music ranging from billie holliday to 2 pac. my mother was from egypt and my father was orphaned when his parents died on the titanic. i love the fact that people can read my words and i can see something of them in their poems54590617527
Devlin, Leila
Other Countries 290518521
Jepson, Edwin
UKOK, I like driving, married 57years, have 4 daughters, 1 Son, all married, 8 grandchildren,1 great-grandchild. I'm an ex miner, 28 years in the mine, love writing Poetry, when possible, going to the East Coast to my caravan. I have been writing poetry since 1975, many published in anthologies books etc. I have just completed my first book of poem`s that has now been published. A non smoker and enjoy the occasional shandy. Was buried on coal face for 3 hours, lucky to be alive, I believe in living from day to day.... 106541548029
Murphy, Darryn
New ZealandMy name is Darryn John Murphy, I was born on 23rd November 1970. As a young boy, Darryn was first published by the Australians Women’s Weekly in November 1979. Since then he has gone on to win dozens of accolades and awards for his writing. Well known throughout Europe and the United States, his poetry has been published in a wide variety of publications, including audio. After much demand Darryn has at long last created a collection of his most popular poems. As an author I'm always willing to support a noble humanitarian cause, feel free to contact me if you wish to use my work for any humanitarian reason. All I ask for in return is that you attach my name to any humanitarian work that I do, so that I too can show my support for your noble cause. Thank you - Daryn John Murphy Phone: +61212606069 Title: Moonlight Echoes Sunrise Author: Darryn John Murphy Publisher: Xlibris Corporation Library of congress number: 2010912795 ISBN 10: 1453555
Dodd, William
UKHi my name is William I am 56 years of age I was born in Liverpool and have been writing poetry since the age of six thanks to our english teacher at that time Mr Waugh.Below are a selection of my poems hope you enjoy reading them please feel free to give comment.Ah almost forgot to mention I am the proud father of three wonderful daughters.2994473265
chettiar, rm shanmugam
IndiaI have been writing poetry since 1995 on various subjects concerning human relation and human behaviour, including sex without which there is no life. I hail from Tamil Nadu in South India. I am a retired Government Class I officer. My passion is reading classics - English. I have penned more than 8500 poems, most of them simple and nude without ornamental adjectives. Many will provoke your thoughts I am married, a daughter and her two sons and a son with his two daughters and a son, my soul. I am Hindu and an atheist. my blog: m email: for my EBooks shanmugam chettair22430449618