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(1) To choose someone to send a PoemMail message to, you have to either (a) go to a member's author page and click on the PoemMail icon or (b) choose the recipient from the "To" dropdown list. The To dropdown list will continue to grow and will include the previous members who you have sent messages to so that you will not have to go to their member page to send them subsequent messages.

(2) You can only send PoemMails to members who are 18 or older and you must be 18 or older to send PoemMails.

(3) Members are notified via email by default when they receive a new PoemMail message but they can turn off this feature by clicking on the link in the bottom of a PoemMail notification email.

(4) If you have unopened mail, you will see a letter with a bright light on it in the membership info pod on the main home page at Check this regularly when you stop by.

(5) Your received messages will be displayed in a list on this page. You can click on one column to open the email and display the message to read it and another column to delete an already read PoemMail from your PoemMail inbox.

(6) VoicesNet has the right to monitor any PoemMail traffic for site security reasons and to protect itself and its members.

(7) You are prohibited from making any threatening gestures or criminal intentions towards any VoicesNet members via PoemMail.