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Bonnie Ray Mahana

On occasion, JJ Namcap chooses a poet who is a regular contributor to our Creativity Forum and offers them a page for three of their most precious writings. They are not charged for posting their work on this select page, nor are they paid in any currency, although it would be great if they could be, for they certainly should be.

Profile of Poet Bonnie Ray Mahana

Bonnie Ray Mahana is in her twenties and has been writing poems since she was 12 years old. She has always been a lover of words and where they can take you. She has received a lot of inspiration from her Dad during his life and also even now. He passed away 4-21-02.

Bonnie has had many careers already, but has finally decided to go to school. She started studying Criminal Justice when she was 16. At such a young age, she was disheartened by the world and she chose another path; she started a support group for rape victims during her last two years of high school. The Rape Victims Support Group. It became quite a great accomplishment for her.

Bonnie then graduated high school a year ahead of schedule and then got married and then divorced. She is currently in a relationship with a man who she has been with for over four years as of this writing and whom she has been friends with for a lot longer than that. Bonnie plans to eventually get married, but there is no rush. Some day perhaps a family will be in her future.

Bonnie graduated from Nursing school in February of 2002 and went on to work in a rehabilitation/long term care facility. She currently is the restorative nurse as well as the skin and wound nurse. Ms. Mahana wanted to be a nurse since she was 4 and she now feels that she has achieved one of her dreams. She can not imagine doing anything else professionally.

She also hopes to be a great writer someday. She loves poetry and writes when she can. She is nearing publication of her first book entitled, "Mystified". She hopes to start writing children's books and more poetry in the future.

Bonnie lives in Colorado and has lived there for her whole life. She used to snowboard until she broke her back in 1997, which ironically has given her more time to write poems.

Please enjoy Bonnie's 3 wonderful poems below.


JJ Namcap - Voices Network



Sheer isolation,
Yet a key hole
To an opening;
Prone to anything,
Right or wrong.
A lost~
Empty abyss
Of endless
Quiet happiness.
Fate? Destiny?
Hope? Dreams?
Do these minute
Things exist?
Sadness deep
Within a soul.
Breaking it, and
Strengthening it.
Losing it, yet
Gaining it.
Where does it go?
Is it within~
Or is it detached?
A helpless feeling
And a great feeling.
Insanity, abnormalness.
Complete and pure
Of overwhelming
Normal feelings;
Scared, curious;
What for?
Life ~ the greatest
Of all gifts?
Or the absolute
A vast expanse
Of thoughts~
Brain waves,
Traveling where?
Here ~ in us?
Around us?
Death is upon us all.
It's our
Destiny to die.
Our fate to live.
Our hope to
Survive ~ our
Dreams to

I cry for help.

~Bonnie Ray Mahana
(C) 12-22-98





Heleen Vriesendorp - Alone I
Alone I
Heleen Vriesendorp
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Teddy Bears

Always ready for a hug,
With a smile upon their face.
Teddy bears were made,
To take a friends place.

Big bright red balloons,
Ferris wheels up high;
Could never be as good,
As laughs with teddy and I.

A loyal companion,
Buddies 'till the end.
A teddy's love is forever,
He'll always be your friend.

If ever you feel down,
Teddy lends an ear.
His soft comforting lap,
Will catch every tear.

He'll always take the blame,
For the little things you do.
Or sits upon a shelf~
And smiles just for you.

He'll live a many years,
If he is loved right from the start.
And no matter what the case,
He was made to touch your heart.

~Bonnie Ray Mahana
(C) 12-29-94

Time Can Change Things

You're here in my arms,
But a million miles away.
Sometimes I feel,
You think you have to stay.

If leaving is what you want,
Then go on your way.
I think I understand,
And I know I'll be okay.

But, before you go,
There's just one thing;
Without you,
My heart no longer will sing.

We once had dreams,
And a love so strong.
Without you here,
It will all seem so wrong.

Love is forever,
And so were we.
But sometimes two people
Just aren't meant to be.

And now here we are,
Wondering if our love is right.
You seem far away,
I am lonely tonight.

Please know I love you,
And want you to stay.
But if you must go,
I'll turn away.

Here are your bags,
Please don't cry.
Deep in my heart,
Your memory will lie .

Tears roll down my face,
As I watch you fade away.
I guess tomorrow will
Bring me a new day.

As sad as I am,
I sleep quite well.
Dreams of us together,
On my mind dwell.

Together forever,
That idea is gone.
As weak as I am,
I can be strong.

'I love you',
Was all I had to say.
Now morning light shines,
To start a new day.

I miss you already,
But I'll be okay.
Love is forever,
And maybe, someday:

You'll realize what
We once had.
Then you'll come back,
And I won't be sad.

But until that day,
I wish you well.
Time can change things,
You never can tell.

~Bonnie Ray Mahana
(C) 12-22-94