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Poet in Residence - Catherine Money

aka DesertRose




Mountainous Embers

Zero containment was the news I read

home after home found charred and dead.

Whipping winds goad a ravenous beast

in it’s insatiable hunger, the desire to feast.

Bright crimson flames erupt high in the sky

severe drought rendered the forest dry.

Thousands of acres now smoky and black

Blue spruce and pine shall never grow back.

Glowing red embers are all that remain

Of a once beautiful lush, green terrain.

Copyright 6/17/03

Natures’ Baubles

Lying beneath cool morning shade

I ponder, what is heaven made

Gazing at the azure sky

while tufted clouds wander by

The silent hawk circles above

probing for the mourning dove

Tiny redpolls chirp and chatter

as they gather nesting matter

On the lawn gray rabbit rests

just another of my guests

High upon the stucco wall

the watchful quail sound roll call

Sweet acacia blooms bright yellow

with a scent so gently mellow

Nature serves her bountiful feast

leaving me sated, to say the least.

My Angelic Muse

Adrift, beaten, mired in choleric despair and confusion.

Self doubt my devoted, steadfast companion.

Rage insidiously depleting me, rendering me empty and brittle.

Impossible to staunch the bleeding of my lacerated soul.

Their wisdom deemed my spirit inutile and anemic.

I purchased their truth of disillusion and injury.

In my frailty I renounced and abandoned me.

Left with no refuge for a destitute, shadow self.

Obliteration was the only escape for being me.

Fate intervened, bestowing upon me an earthly angel.

Pure in her essence, embracing me in restful softness.

Lifting me from this roiling tempest to seize my truth.

In my breast you remain gloriously golden, forevermore.

All 3 Poems Copyright Catherine Money

This page copyright VoicesNet