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Poet in Residence - Dave "Elf" Moore



Proper Perspective

Dear Terrorist, who bombed New York, the world centres of trade
The very day that I with my daughter a visit paid.
Forward to anyone who thinks that killings justified
And answer my questions as to why my three year old died.

I’m writing you this letter so that you will understand
The agony you gave to me when you attacked our land.
I know you think your actions just, against your enemy
But now my daughter’s in her grave, and she had just turned three.

You probably think that I’m greedy, so many died that day.
But you have never seen my daughter run, and laugh, and play.
She was so lively, full of joy, her eyes so big and blue.
So now I have to ask, “ What wrong did she do you?”

Please try to help me understand, to try and ease this ache.
Why did you have to kill her, was it all a big mistake?
She just turned three, she thought all Man would love her naturally.
You must have made a mistake, she was no one’s enemy!

I’m sending you her picture, you can see she was pretty.
It was taken on her birthday, did I say she just turned three?
Her coal black hair her mom had combed to frame her pretty face.
Oh why, oh why, I’m asking you, did she die at that place?

I dressed her in her new blue gown to bury her body.
But it did not really fit her, she was burned quite badly.
The doctors told me not to look, but I just had to see.
Now all I see, awake, asleep, is my dead child of three.

I know you think you had to kill so that the world would hear
The truth as you believe it, but you failed with me I fear.
All that I hear are my child’s screams, I hear them day and night.
And I can’t see your truth, her dead body’s always in sight.

She just turned three; she used to say she knew she could trust Dad
To always protect her, love her, even if she’d been bad.
She screamed my name, I heard her voice filled with such agony
But I could not reach her, I failed my daughter completely.

I’m asking you, I’m pleading, as I weep beside her grave
What must I do so that some other daughter I can save?
Those three year olds, those four, and five, those children living free
Why do you have to kill them to protect your tyranny?

My daughter, so alive, now dead, why did you not kill me?
Why could you not leave her to live, she loved innocently.
She did not hate, wanted no power, loved everyone she knew.
Perhaps that is the answer, she was just too good for you.

There is nothing inside your heart but rage and hate and fear
So you dare not allow innocent love to remain hear.
To prove your truth, you had to destroy innocent purity.
You had to kill my loving daughter, who had just turned three.

Oh Mommy, Oh My Mommy

Oh mommy, oh my mommy, please do not leave me here
In daytime it is way too hot, at night it is cold here.
But mommy either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop to listen
Although you could see the tears start on her cheeks to glisten.

Oh mommy, pretty mommy, why do you leave me here?
I’m going to be lonely, and they won’t feed me, I fear.
But mommy didn’t seem to hear the words as they were said.
She only stood with downcast eyes, and bowed her graying head.

But mother, oh my mother, I don’t want to be here.
At night you will not hold me close, and kiss away my fear.
The mother knelt upon the grass, and reached out to her son.
Sleep peaceful here, my child, she said, enjoy the warming sun.

Oh mom, the child choked back some tears, you’re really leaving me.
Alone amongst these strangers I know I’ll be unhappy.

You’re not alone, the mother cried, her voice and heart were breaking.
For God is with you, and He will n’er you be forsaking.

My mom and dad, the child cried out, are you punishing me?
What have I done that you would hurt me unmercifully?
Oh don’t think that, the parents wailed, we are not mad at you.
Why look, we’ve chosen just the place to give you a great view.

See the grass, how lush and green, and hear the birds, they’re singing.
Just look around, and you will see more parents children bringing.
We’re not the only ones who leave their children here.
And we do truly understand that this place brings you fear.

You only did one small mistake, I guess that’s why you’re here.
You didn’t listen when we told you ‘bout our greatest fear.
You were almost an adult, thought you could our words ignore.
So that night you snuck out late, thru our home’s back door.

You went to a teen party, guess you had a real good time.
Everyone there had lots to drink, and all were feeling fine.
We think that it was getting late, you started to worry.
You knew that if we caught you out, we would be unhappy.

So you accepted an offer to give you a ride back.
E’en though you knew your friend was drunk, his judgement therefore lack.
We’ll never know just what happened, but now you belong here.
You didn’t listen, or you would not have to stay, my dear.

Ah father, I see you father, I’m sure you’ll answer me.
Why just the other day you said that you were proud of me.
You said that I had almost reached the age when I could do
The things I’d always wanted to, I can depend on you.

The father shuffled both his feet, and answered with a groan.
I know what you are feeling, child, it’s sad when you’re alone.
But just pause now, and realize, the wrong that you did do.
Just stop and think, and try to see, your loving parents’ view.

We have to leave you here, but you forget that we hurt too.
We also have to live our days and nights while missing you.
Each moment of our life while you are gone, our hearts will ache.
Our tears will flow so often, and the pain our souls will break.

You have not just yourself condemned to being unhappy.
Your actions have determined that we’ll live in misery.
Just rest here now, I know it’s hard, but you will have to try.
We’ll join you up in heaven above when it’s our turn to die.

Oh mommy, oh my mommy, and my daddy too.
I’m so afraid, ‘cause now I know I’ll nevermore see you.

Oh mommy…………oh my mommy.

C: Pixie~Elf Productions
July 11, 2000

Ask The Lonely

Ask the lonely if you will
How they their empty hours fill.

How they can live without feeling

A love that should be everything.

Ask the heartsick what they do

To overcome love they once knew.

Ask the broken spirits met

How they a shared life can forget.

Find someone alone and plead

To tell you how to quell your need

For someone special, one who cares

And where to go for love repairs.

Ask the one who’s shedding tears

How to overcome your fears.

How they learned to live alone

When loved ones’ hearts have turned to stone.

Ask the lonely, ask away

And listen well to what I say

There are no repairs, no answers

When love once vital no more stirs.

Ask the lonely, that is me

What I do when I feel lonely.

I cry, I weep, I feel my pain

Then work on love to keep again.

Ask me, I will tell for you

You cannot lose a love that’s true.

The loneliness that you now feel

Is part of love that is too real.

Each second that ‘one’ is away

You feel loneliness come to stay.

But ask, and I’ll say one more time

If love is real, it will be fine.

Ask the lonely, those who ache

Before you any actions take.

The love that’s causing you such pain

Will return to you again.

© Pixie~Elf Productions