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Poet in Residence - Mary A. Shovlin

aka Christiana


I am Mary Shovlin. I was born and live in Scotland. From a young age I have always been into reading and writing but started seriously to write poetry in 1980 at the age of 19. I only seriously put in a concerted effort to get published in 2001 and since then have had about 50 poems published with more, along with one short story, in the pipeline to be published. Poetry is not a hobby for me, it is a way of life.


I joined VoicesNet in March this year and have been blessed by it. I enjoy it hugely, learn from it, love the family and it is an important part of my life. I have been moderator at the Dark Side for some few months. I am very impressed by the talent shown here at Voices. I am humbled, honoured and dumbfounded to have been invited to become a Poet in Residence here.

The focal point and love of my life however is God - The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I am blessed with love of family and friends who are very important to me. May God bless you all and I hope you enjoy my poetry.

Mary Shovlin

Conversation With God

Last night before I went to sleep
I joined my hands in prayer
I knelt before the picture of Jesus
as was my custom there

I prayed for an end to famine and war
and poverty and disease
"No more disharmony Lord
Let all fightings cease.
Feed the poor and hungry
feed them daily bread
Manna from heaven give them Lord
and in Your Word be fed.
Give the starving quails of meat
Let rivers run from stone
But give them Bibles as well as food
and Let You be Lord alone".

I prayed let Nature be at rest
with no earthquakes or flood
"Lord put us not to The Test
but save us with Your Blood".

I prayed for an end to killing
and to let man love his brother
"God if You be willing
Help us more love one another".

In perfect harmony and content
with Nature and all living ones
For surely this is why He sent
His Only Begotten Son.

I prayed for an end to all disease
and illnesses of the mind
For the afflicted to be made whole
And everyone Jesus to find.

I prayed for satan to be vanquished
to the core
All evil to be wiped off the face of the earth
and for us to hate no more.

I prayed for the One True God
to be manifest
in all mankind's hearts
One Body, no dissent
No differences to tear us apart.

No reason to envy, no land to fight over
and no such thing as greed
No sex sins, no missing children
And everything as it should be.

So I ended my prayer as it had began
with thanksgiving and with praise
I said to The Lord "let me say this prayer
to the ending of my days".

That night I had the strangest dream
Jesus came to me
"Peace be with you my daughter
I have set you free".

"But there are others who are lost
For whom I also bore My Cross
Let me tell you of the world
And why these things have unfurled.

Satan is the prince of this land
and to him was given dominion
As your first parents jumped out of My Hand
But I have overthrown him.

I Am the Way, The Truth, and The Life
and this world is a Test
All must have free will, a choice
It was at Adam and Eve's behest.

But there are angels all around
who help you and guide
And many a one has been saved from hell
As I walk by their side.

There is plenty of food in this land
to feed everyone
But first love must conquer all
And Man must see the way
to share with his fellow Man
with fairness and equality.

It is not My Will
for you to learn such a hard lesson
When Adam fell
the perfect world
was made sin
and thus this imperfection.

I cannot save the multitudes
from hunger and starvation
as Man's sin was
and is the cause
and the remedy is there for salvation.
But saying this I do intervene
(You think my heart is made of stone?)
I send my angels in many disguises
and put in force machinations.

You already know why there is war
Through the evilness of Men's hearts
Man is a killing machine
It is not how I conceived or made him.
First Adam fell, and Cain murdered
Sin compounded upon sin.
Till there would be no one with me in heaven
So I sent My Only Son.

Through Him love abounds
But from the heart comes evil
As you saw in heaven
even an angel sinned.
It is the price I pay for creation
which I knew before it began
but still thought you
worth the price
as I formed you in the womb.

For though I did not create evil
or made you evil
I knew the outcome from the outset
and still I sent My Son ..."

After my talk with Jesus
It was given me to understand
Prayer and love are the answers
And obeying God's commands.

© Mary A. Shovlin 7th September 2003

To Sandra, My Friend, My Treasure

You came into my life like a whirlwind
Upsetting all my preconceptions, notions and perceptions.
You came to lead me in the joyous dance
Our journey has been long and eventful
We've had our ups and downs,
But when I needed you most, you were always around.
You opened up my horizons
Till I grasped the dreams I thought I would never reach.
You instilled confidence and made me think
That anything was possible ...
You showed me unconditional love
You taught me how to love ...
You were, and are, my role model
My inspiration
My guide as to how life should be lived ...
You showed me what people should be like
In an ideal world.
You live up to your principles
No hypocrisy, no lies ...
In your charismatic presence
I blossomed like a flower ...
You taught me how to open up,
Gave me the courage of honesty
To be truthful not only with myself
But with others ...
We can tell each other anything ...
And when sharing secrets you taught me
The importance of keeping them ..
But, most of all, I thank you, Sandra
For showing me what it is like to be liked for oneself
With no pretence
And teaching me that it is alright to LIKE yourself ..
For letting me BE myself.

copyright Mary Shovlin 2002

My God Knows Me

I hear the rain
battering against my window-pane
I cower inside
with nowhere to hide
My heart is empty and so forlorn
Problems beset me and I am all alone
I have no strength and no resources
There is no defense and the river courses
It sweeps me along and to my dismay
There are powerful storms along the way

To whom do I turn
when the river has run
And I am shipwrecked on the shore?

Who will help me
in my distress
And I have faith no more?

My Child
I have heard the rain
batter against your window-pane
While you hide
I Am inside
My heart is overflowing enough for two
You are not alone and I am with you

When you have no strength, I carry you
Through wind and storm, all the way through
Whatever befalls you I am your defence
I give you courage when resources are spent

Turn to me when in despair
Be assured I hear your prayer
Turn to me when all is dark
And I will light a growing spark
One candle in the night
is better than the sun
Others see it and are drawn
to the One
Which gives of its light
in the darkest night
By example they light ten more
And so it goes on till there are three-score ...

So my people know Me
They hear My Voice
So my people show Me
It is their choice

In the darkest night, in deepest despair
Know for certain I Am there
And when you see the candles shining bright
Know there are others in the dark night
To whom I give the gift of faith
Who are also determined to run the race
When they falter I encourage them
When they stumble I pick them up

You see I sent My Son for such as you
Only believe, you will know it is true
That you are never alone
without Me by your side
I love you and send you My Guide
He is The Consoler of all grief
This is your reward for your belief

I will see you through to a sunny place
And I will cover you with grace
Sufficient for the next hill to climb
Sufficient for the next time ...

For when you are weak,
remember I am strong
And remember to Whom you belong

I will never leave you or forsake you
in darkest night or brightest day
So give thanks at all times and
continue to pray.

copyright Mary A. Shovlin 16th March, 2003

All 3 Poems Copyright Mary A. Shovlin

This page copyright VoicesNet