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Poet in Residence - Sasha Walker

aka Shadow Angel


My name is Sasha Walker - aka Shadow Angel.
I was born in New Zealand, and have lived there all my life.

Poetry came to me almost 3 years ago - a light from within the darkness - quite by accident, and a total surprise to me. It's the best gift to myself I could ever have stumbled across; and one for which I will be eternally grateful.

I also stumbled across Voicesnet, accidentally - it has grown alot since I first joined, a year ago; into a place that is nurturing, inspiring - a place to enjoy and embrace the wonderous journey of poetic growth, that we all travel, together.

I am proud to be a part of this experience - thank you JJ, for the honor and priviledge of inviting me to be a Poet in Residence; it is a pleasure to wander the forums in the presence of such fine people, and very talented poets.


Sasha Walker

We Dance Tonight

As blood tears fall in gentle rain
I beseech thee, dragon, soothe this pain
Each whispered sigh our ancient call
This cloak of night doth beg us, fall

In stolen breath you speak my name
To peel this cloak in breath of flame
And it shall fall down where it will
Upon emerald blades within the still

Of fallen stars this wish was made
We dance tonight, our dues well paid
With silken gift of moon tears kissed
Embrace the dance within this mist

To breathe my name upon your skin
Would speak of wanton shadow sin
Of satin dreams in liquid heat
Electric glide in journey sweet

Of midnight hues in silhouette
A starlit dance we'll not forget
'Neath wisdom's bough, a sight to see
By dragon's fire our hearts fly free

© SW '03

She Calls the Stars to Weep

Upon the breath
of midnight
with a sigh
of moon-licked thought
and the mist
of summer rain
that sang its song
of liquid whispers
till he bade her body
to dance-wicked
beneath his
knowing fingertips
and the Lily
bathed shy-naked
in his breath
of fire and rain
danced upon their skin
as she called the stars
to weep upon them
with heavenly grace
and they loved
with moon-soaked eyes

©S.W. '03

Children of the Mist

They once were warriors
of ancient bones
shadows in the mist
where the weary scent
of battles' past
lingers, soul deep.
where once they walked
their spirits still cry
a valley of tears
and I, from dreams;
walk amongst them
with feathered pride
draped across my shoulders
and the blessing of
Pounamu against my chest
my bare feet ache
to touch the cold soil
soaked in their blood
the call of this sacred land
weighs heavy upon a soul
that's held more pain
than it should have
yet I keep walking
in their ancient footsteps
feeling their cries
within my body
and I know who I am

© SW '03

All 3 Poems Copyright Sasha Walker

This page copyright VoicesNet 2004