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VoicesNet Media, LLC's

International Poetry Ambassador


"I have this idea and I want to unleash a force of International Poetry Ambassadors on the World."

This is what I stated in the June 16, 2003 version of the VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal. Do you want to help me make this come true?

On the surface, the International Poetry Ambassador Program is simple. Ambassadors, on a voluntary basis, spread the word about Poetry, the English language, Vocabulary, VoicesNet, our Quarterly Poetry Contest, our Poetry Forums, our Literary Journal, our member poets' works, and more.

At a high level, though, the potential benefits of this program are astounding:

An International Poetry Ambassador will do the following:

Contribute some of their poetry into a special pool of poems that are available to all International Poetry Ambassadors.
On a regular basis, get others around the world to read VoicesNet poetry to others and keep a count of your efforts. We will eventually reward top Ambassadors down the road based on their efforts, but that is secondary, we mainly want people here who are interested in getting people to read and write and also in getting the word out about and the many things that we have going on here.
Contact Media (newspapers, websites, schools, libraries, etc.) in your Country to get press and the web URL for our VoicesNet programs listed in their publications, websites, boards, etc. Also collect and submit to us any email addresses for our master media email list where we will email announcements from our programs.
Get some of our articles from our Literary Journal and poems from our Ambassador Portfolio published to other Net Ezines.

This will be an exciting program. This is just the beginning. We will have people reading and writing poetry everywhere.

Increasing Literacy around the world this way is a great thing!

We will work with you in coordinating your start in the program and answering any questions that you might have.

I have noticed that little children, when learning a language, do so much better when they are looking at the person making the sound or sounds that they are trying to learn. Sure, children, once they learn to read, learn constantly from the exercise of reading, but those who don't know the language learn a lot by watching and listening to a teacher at the same time. You see, the viewer sees the words being formed by the teacher; doesn't just hear them. This is easy for me to see. Try teaching a young child to repeat a word without looking at you and then when they have trouble with a challenging word, tell them to look at you and try it, and they will usually correct their mis-pronunciation right away as soon as they see you, the teacher, pronounce the word at the same time they are hearing you speak it.

Recently, one of our international writers indicated that part of their education system has problems because English is only taught through reading and writing and not through talking and listening (including, of course, visual observation during the listening process).

This made me think more and more about the Poetry Ambassador program.

I want our Poetry ambassadors to go out and get people to READ POETRY in English to people from all around the world who are learning the English language and who are also learning about POETRY.

I think that we have an unbelievable opportunity here with VoicesNet to have a huge worldwide impact through our Internet efforts.

We are a site and organization that was founded around poetry, and we have had thousands and thousands of readers and writers of poetry visit our site since January of 2002.

By getting people around the world to read poetry to other people, I believe that we can inspire many to learn the English language and the craft of poetry. I think this can have many benefits.

The joy that many get out of reading and writing poetry is the first true gem that our Poetry Ambassadors will teach to others.

Better education, which occurs when you learn the English language better also means less reliance on others economically for an individual and for groups of individuals. That is a great thing. The English language has become the international language, especially when considering economic factors in life.

Increasing one's individual abilities to read and write is a great thing.

If you are interested in becoming an International Poetry Ambassador for VoicesNet, then please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon afterward.

Currently, we have 37 International Poetry Ambassadors at

Jeff Humphrey

Founder - Editor in Chief - Contest Director - The Voices Network

Click here to see the Ambassador Rankings and Scoring System

Join VoicesNet International Poetry Ambassador Program

Please fill out this form completely and submit it to us with one "Family Friendly" poem of yours which will be added to the Poetry Ambassador Portfolio after you are accepted as a VoicesNet International Poetry Ambassador.

By submitting this poem to us, you are retaining personal copyright but granting us permission to distribute the poem through this program royalty-free and also are allowing us to publish the poems on our website and in our Visions Literary Journal.

Special Note: If you submitted here to be a Poetry Ambassador recently and did not hear back from us, please resubmit your poeem because we had trouble with our system, but it is fixed now.

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Middle initial:
Last name
Address 1:
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