Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad Recognition

This page is dedicated to any recognition that the writer has achieved either here on this site or in other endeavors related to writing away from this site. This page is a work in progress technically and initially will display rankings where a poet is in the top 40 for a particilar poetry category based on views. Keep coming back for more updates.

Most Viewed Poem Rankings
Listed below are links if the author has made the Top 40 Rankings in a particular poetry category (based on page views).

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Poem TitlePoetry CategoryRankingViewsAddedVisit Ranking Page
ON TURNING SEVEN - Oh , CARISSA !Birthday Love446956/21/2011Visit
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OH LORD KRISHNA!Memorial Day526549/2/2010Visit
DOWRY –WARSMarriage647121/15/2009Visit
INFANT IN THE MOTHER 'S ARMS !Memorial Day8213812/29/2009Visit
BEAUTY AND BEASTLimerick948251/6/2009Visit
ONE CAN DO PRECIOUS LITTLE ?Japanese Tsunami of 2011919873/16/2011Visit
I LOVE MY NEIGHBOURPeace1042546/14/2009Visit
GREETINGS OH WONDERFUL LADIES !Memorial Day1019133/8/2010Visit
Ode To a Beloved Sister!I Love Poetry10281310/29/2011Visit
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS TANYA !Birthday Love1125849/14/2012Visit
QUESTION AND ANSWER!Prose1119282/20/2010Visit
BIRTH DAY WISHES CHITRA !Birthday Love14233011/18/2009Visit
A FUNNY WORLD!Short Funny1430007/27/2010Visit
DONATE BLOOD !Narrative14177714/16/2010Visit
DELIGHT IN THE AIR - ONAM FESTIVALBeautiful1625769/1/2009Visit
SPRING CANNOT BE FAR BEHIND , KANIKA!Birthday Love17208212/4/2009Visit
DELIGHT IN THE AIR - ONAM FESTIVALMore Happy1825769/1/2009Visit
I LOVE MY NEIGHBOURSpiritual2042546/14/2009Visit