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This page is dedicated to any recognition that the writer has achieved either here on this site or in other endeavors related to writing away from this site. This page is a work in progress technically and initially will display rankings where a poet is in the top 40 for a particilar poetry category based on views. Keep coming back for more updates.

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Poem TitlePoetry CategoryRankingViewsAddedVisit Ranking Page
The Great Fishing StoryShort Funny166764/29/2009Visit
Twins BirthdayBirthday Love293023/12/2010Visit
Spring CleaningShort Funny358362/25/2010Visit
SMALL STEPS American Love336593/9/2009Visit
Days gone byFunny Love434843/9/2009Visit
Good Days--Bad Days--InbetweenCute452403/15/2010Visit
The Easter Egg HuntEaster542673/30/2010Visit
Ants At The PicnicHeart550426/13/2009Visit
The Smile To My HeartHeart 2648596/15/2009Visit
M-O-T-H-E-RMothers Day638745/10/2009Visit
The red, white, and blue.American Love620437/30/2010Visit
Disabled In StrideDisabled Veterans630163/11/2009Visit
Never Chase a Leprechaun!Holidays741793/14/2010Visit
Flibber Flabber, Jibber Jabber.I Love Poetry831433/4/2009Visit
Santa's Christmas Chimney Slide! Christmas Love8224211/28/2011Visit
Oh My Little Bare Foot BoyGreatest Love9555011/2/2009Visit
Come little fishFish1075553/16/2009Visit
Two Lives MeetFalling in Love1048304/12/2009Visit
An Immigrants DreamAmerican Love10166912/4/2013Visit
Candies of LoveFalling in Love11473812/12/2011Visit
Spring CleaningHumorous1158362/25/2010Visit
RaisinsShort Funny1231174/28/2009Visit
SURVIVING MARRIAGEMarriage12320111/8/2008Visit
The Great Fishing StoryFish1366764/29/2009Visit
A Wife's Prayer For Her Soldier Veterans Day13109411/11/2013Visit
SHADY LADY AND THE HIDDEN SHOEFunny Love1323683/28/2009Visit
Better Days AheadChristian Love1350956/8/2009Visit
COPY CAT--COPY CATGood14255311/19/2011Visit
Grandma's BoyGreatest Love1440528/9/2009Visit
The Twelve Days Of Christmas (my version)Christmas Love15192012/4/2011Visit
The 60's are goneFunny Love1719042/15/2009Visit
Cries of LifeHeart 21721602/27/2010Visit
Twins BirthdayBirthday1793023/12/2010Visit
Pap Heart1722112/1/2009Visit
The Little Honeybee! Sweet1819129/27/2011Visit
I Hate To Do DishesRhyming 21853352/25/2009Visit
Good Days--Bad Days--InbetweenRhyming 21952403/15/2010Visit