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Poem TitlePoetry CategoryRankingViewsAddedVisit Ranking Page
A Wall Between Us (Poem on Human Alienation)Heart1153854/6/2009Visit
Light of the WorldHeart 21759210/6/2009Visit
The Human Will Haiti Earthquake130762/15/2010Visit
To My FatherHeart 2268586/5/2009Visit
Teacher, Teacher Heart362196/12/2009Visit
HEARTBEATS FOR JAPAN Japanese Tsunami of 2011326733/11/2011Visit
Remembering HaitiHaiti Earthquake328142/6/2010Visit
MOTHERS, WE SALUTE YOU!Mothers Day441825/9/2010Visit
Light of the WorldSpiritual5759210/6/2009Visit
HAITI SURVIVOR Haiti Earthquake621611/31/2010Visit
PRAYER IN THE DARK Japanese Tsunami of 2011624293/17/2011Visit
Come, Let Us Rebuild ( with Japan in our hearts and minds) Japanese Tsunami of 2011720233/12/2011Visit
Wolves Are Roaming Around Our SchoolsConnecticut Elementary School Shooting - Dec 20127120512/14/2012Visit
REMEMBERING THE KING OF THE POPMemorial Day721896/27/2010Visit
Egyptian Revolution 2011Peace843182/5/2011Visit
THE POWER OF WORDSSchool952275/4/2010Visit
FriendshipFriendship Love1038815/18/2009Visit
Anonymous Chatter Slam1071248/21/2009Visit
The World Cup, A Common Stage Olympics1126527/7/2010Visit
Gun Culture Connecticut Elementary School Shooting - Dec 201211111212/17/2012Visit
A Tribute to the Filipino People, EDSA Revolution Political, War, International1278064/23/2009Visit
Palm Sunday Political, War, International1374723/28/2010Visit
A Tribute to the Filipino People, EDSA Revolution Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.1478064/23/2009Visit
Mahatma Gandhi and the Ganges River Peace14344510/12/2010Visit
Haiti and Solidarity Haiti Earthquake1515491/30/2010Visit
Palm Sunday Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.1674723/28/2010Visit
Rescue Operation in Japan Japanese Tsunami of 20111614033/13/2011Visit
Jesus, A RefugeePolitical, War, International1856417/23/2009Visit