Satish Verma Recognition

This page is dedicated to any recognition that the writer has achieved either here on this site or in other endeavors related to writing away from this site. This page is a work in progress technically and initially will display rankings where a poet is in the top 40 for a particilar poetry category based on views. Keep coming back for more updates.

Most Viewed Poem Rankings
Listed below are links if the author has made the Top 40 Rankings in a particular poetry category (based on page views).

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Poem TitlePoetry CategoryRankingViewsAddedVisit Ranking Page
ON THE GALLOWSPeace9437912/11/2011Visit
FOR ANYTHINGPeace11418512/15/2011Visit
TROUBLED TIMESABC1126879/2/2008Visit
MISTAKES ABC12252612/1/2008Visit
GOLDEN SILENCEABC14233112/15/2008Visit
STINGING NETTLEABC1821399/2/2008Visit