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Poet in Residence - Silvana Jayashina



Muse in Poetry

Great genre,
sparks kindle,
flames emerge from deep
in my heart,

Lingering moments...
then swiftly the quill takes aim,
like cupid's dart;

Ravishing expressions caress
melodic tingles,
gentle zephyrs blow,

Resonance of ripples,
wakes the placid stream,
grandeur thoughts ebb and flow.

Pinions spread out
over mundane havens and paradise,
endurance soars-

Tears mingle with courage
while an enchanting vista
elegantly grows;

Divine touch perpetual
in the Creator's vision-
a mystique start,

Breathing the essence of life,
baring my soul through
this scholarly art.


Heaven's Inspiration

Exquisite beauty! Flowers swaying in the breeze,
birds unfurl their melodic trills in the garden...
I sit sadly by the whispering stream,
loneliness entwines my cumbersome burden,
the inspiration I desire wanes...
I sob bitterly, then through my tears I glimpse a vision,
an angel! I blink... her radiant smile,
her delicate silken robe, her gracious steps
sanctifying a trail in her exhalted path.
She gently tilts her golden pitcher,
crystal-clear water overflows in my cupped hands,
I quench my thirst. The last droplets sparkle...
blossoming into an array of soft white roses.
I feel the entrancing odour wrap my tingling aura,
my eyelids droop as I breathe every wisp.
Moments lapse, I see the angel fading in the disatance-
A perpetual token, my heavenly inspiration;
Tranquil air reigns...
I thank God while blessings imbue my soul.

Quest for Peace

Perpetual, gruesome wars entwined the ages prime,

Sane thoughts diminished for a moment
squandering God's treasured time;

Clandestine issues... race, colour , creed,
stifled peace to the core,

Portraying a garland of poison ivy,
festooned earth's paradise door.

Destined from the Orient to the New World
spreading wings, with time's shifting sands,

Scars engraved; eerie dwellings dawned
in the skies, waves and lands-

Dusky shadows, haunting echoes, phantoms
lingering from the past,

Deep wounds still festering, while daggers pierce
a mother's bleeding heart.

Beloved kin severed and strewn among the embers,
dignity stripped, no sacred tombs to restore,

Crystal teradrops flow 'neath the horizon
into a scarlet river of war;

Evil vanquished men's hearts, then soared
to the extreme,

Power craving, blood thirsty beings at the realm supreme.

In the quest for peace, bitter-sweet words
of wisdom wrangled, among leaders of nations,

Can bureaucratic strides be miracles of visions,
to kindling flames of desolation?

Can strife be traded for a beautiful
rainbow's urn of gold?

Can wars be graciously triumphed, 'cause
the quill is more piercing than a sword?

Eternal, vicious wars, where do these
melancholy paths end?

Is it when golden trumpets call
on the final reckoning, and all human races blend?

Searching and searching for eternal solace,
enduring 'til the setting of the world,

Divine peace embedded with God's jewels,
magnifies from within my soul.


All 3 Poems Copyright Silvana Jayashinas

This page copyright VoicesNet