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VoicesNet Media Recommended Website Providers

Many of our members are aspiring business people and often ask us about website providers. There are many providers of web services on the Internet and we have not tried them all but we have tried many over the years and want to give you some information about some of the recommendations we would like to make for you.

We have been on the Internet for almost a decade now and we have tried a lot of different website hosting providers.

We have settled on a few that we thought we should tell you about in case you want to have your own personal website.

Our main recommendation for individual personal websites would be Usually small websites are put on what are called "Shared Hosting" accounts where your website is sharing a computer environment with other individual websites. We are an affiliate reseller for web services and are proud to offer you the following information to help you out about's web hosting services.

Click here to go to to check out their available services

We are currently contracted with for our websites and they are by far the best hosting company that we have ever experienced on the Internet. We have a virtual machine with them in a modern cloud technology environment. They know what they are doing and most importantly, if you have a problem they get right on it right away.

A good analogy would be that we once had a website hosted by as the registrar and they actually had the website down for so long (even after numerous complaints) without fixing the problem on their end that we finally just moved the website to another provider ( to get it back online and it was online immediately at with just a few clicks on buttons.

Remember, we recommend for a more advanced website or network of websites where you might want your own virtual machine as opposed to a shared hosting opportunity that works for most people wanting small individual websites. You can also get world class dedicated servers and many other services there also.

Click here to go to to check out their available services

Affiliate Relationship

We have established affiliate relationships with these hosting providers because we are very comfortable with the services that they provide. If you go to one of these vendors and sign up for their services, then we will receive a nominal fee from the hosting providers for the referral. We want you to know this and understand that these fees will help us run our network of websites that provides free services to so many around the world. If you do choose one of these providers for your website needs then please understand that we appreciate the small fee that you will help us acquire.

Thanks for considering these website hosting providers!